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Dubai Chamber's Building Materials Group (BMG) is a prestigious non-profit organization focused on growth, collaboration, and innovation. We foster connections, exchange knowledge, and create business opportunities. As a premier global business networking and leadership development platform, we empower leaders to drive meaningful change and make a positive impact.
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Eligibility and Expectations
At BMG, we maintain a prestigious community of members driven by excellence and integrity. To be eligible for membership, ensure you have a valid trade license and a clean record, free from any criminal charges. Our board carefully evaluates each application, ensuring a selective and objective process that upholds our high standards. Join us and become part of a network that values professionalism and success.
Application Process

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BMG membership criteria ensure that the Committee has successful business persons and professionals who can leverage connections, add value to fellow members and sustain long-term relationships.


Application for Membership

Application for Membership: Submit a Request for Application (You can receive a paper application directly from the Membership Committee of the chapter that you are hoping to join). If deemed a good fit, the committee will schedule an interview.

Interview & Evaluation

Interview & Evaluation: Complete the interview process and undergo internal evaluation. This allows our members to know that the new members of their network are in good standing in their profession. If approved, receive acceptance notification and an onboarding schedule.

Onboard Briefing

Onboard Briefing: Attend an onboard briefing with the Head of Membership and Secretary General to commence the onboarding program.
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