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We Help Our Clients to Achieve Their Business Goal

Dubai Chamber’s Building Materials Group (BMG) is a prestigious non-profit organization focused on growth, collaboration, and innovation. We foster connections, exchange knowledge, and create business opportunities. As a premier global business networking and leadership development platform, we empower leaders to drive meaningful change and make a positive impact.
BMG welcomes extraordinary leaders to grow stronger together to improve lives, businesses and the world.

Our Members: Shaping the Future of the Building Material Industry

Join a community of exceptional leaders who have achieved remarkable success at a young age. Our members are accomplished chief executives, visionary business owners, and renowned professionals in the building material industry. Connect, collaborate, and exchange insights with like-minded individuals who are driving the industry forward. Be a part of a dynamic network that opens doors to endless possibilities for growth and success. Together, we shape the future of the building material industry. Join us today.

Our Community

BMG is an inclusive community of open sharing and trust. Here, we learn from one another, access rich learning programs, share exceptional experiences


To lead the positive transformation and sustainable development of the building materials sector as the premier platform.


Connecting professionals. Sharing knowledge. Creating opportunities. Empowering entrepreneurs. Our mission at Building Material Group is to build a thriving community that drives growth, innovation, and success in the building material industry. Together, we believe in the power of collaboration to achieve remarkable success.

Core Values

Integrity. Excellence. Collaboration. Innovation. Sustainability. These are our core values, driving positive transformation in the building materials sector.

Strategic Objectives